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Part of our services is making your medication adherence as easy and as convenient as possible!

compounding capsules and tabletsTaking medications can be a hassle especially if the nature of drugs can be inconveniently taken and/or it interferes with your daily activities. Problems like unpleasant taste or smell, dosages that are too high to take at a time, substance form that may be too difficult to swallow, and more may hinder you from taking your medications. Through Lakewood Drugs’ Compounding services, we’ve got solutions to these.

Our Compounding services include:

  • Alteration and adjustment of the dosage
  • Customization of the flavor
  • Customization of the drug form
  • Production of a prescription that may no longer be available
  • And more

These services help you take your medications so much easier and faster. To avail these services, please dial 848-245-0997.